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Royal Coster Diamonds is the oldest and one of the world’s most famous diamond cutting factories and diamond jewelry retailers.

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Diamond Museum Amsterdam

Coster Diamonds is much more than just a diamond grinder. In 2007,
we opened our own Diamond Museum to share our passion for diamonds with the public.
Here you can learn everything about diamond history,
view our breathtaking collection of diamonds and you can even join a diamond workshop where you can grind your own diamond!

Why we started the diamond museum

The diamond museum was founded from an initiative of the owner of Coster Diamonds: Ben Meier.
As a world-renowned diamond grinder, it was Ben’s ambition to take people on a journey that told about the life cycles of diamonds.

The exhibition in the diamond museum

First, the exhibition in the diamond museum travels in time and explains how and where diamonds are geologically created and shaped to their ultimate shape.
Furthermore, the exhibition gives you an idea of how the passion for diamonds has evolved and how diamonds are increasingly associated with wealth and power.
There are also many historical crowns and famous diamonds imitated to show how the rulers showed their status.

Live in the diamond museum

The diamond museum not only shows a historical side,
there is also a permanent diamond collection of famous diamonds, such as the Katana, the Rembrandt diamond and the monkey skull.
The diamond museum also gives you the opportunity to see our diamond grinders live while they use their unique craft techniques to transform raw stones into the most beautiful jewelry.

The diamond museum is a good venue for a workshop

Are you interested in learning the base of diamond grinding, or are you looking for a stylish location for a business trip?
The diamond museum offers a basic diamond course, this is a fun way to get to know the base of diamond grinding and polishing in a playful way.
The workshop begins with a tour of the building and the diamond museum.
After this tour, you will learn the first steps in the noble craft of the diamond grind by our master grinder.
Ultimately, you can also feel how it feels to be a sharpener, if you take the table to sharpen your own diamond.

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