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Finding your way around Amsterdam

If you visit the wonderful city of Amsterdam, you want to see and to experience as much as possible in a relatively short time. So don’t waste your time looking through all kinds of books, maps and brochures. Throw them away and trust our website and the app that comes along with it. They are your gateway to the wonders of Amsterdam. You can do almost anything with them. They show you where the absolute hotspots are… museums, shopping areas, markets, historical buildings and sites, green areas and so much more. You can use them to book a hotel room, to choose a nice restaurant  (and make reservations too), sightseeing cruises, a taxi, places where you can rent a bike, where you can park your car… really, the sky is (and the possibilities are) the limit.

Use your time wisely and enjoy Amsterdam in all its glory!

Amsterdam favourites

Wonderful places and activities in Amsterdam

Find your way around Amsterdam…
By metro, tram or bike!

You can purchase a one-hour or day card at the metro or train station, or you can buy it on the trams. But a much better way to explore Amsterdam in all its glory is renting a bike and cruise through the city. Discover the streets along the canals, the lovely shops, bars and restaurants, old buildings and the many green areas like Vondelpark, Oosterpark, Westerpark, Rembrandtpark. You can also visit the two famous multi-cultural markets: Albert Cuyp and Dappermarkt.

Riding a bike, you are not required to wear a helmet, so watch where you are going and watch out for the scooters and trams!

Find your way around Amsterdam…
No matter the weather!

From October to March there is a lot of rain and wind in Amsterdam, the typical drawbacks of a sea climate. This is the period for you to visit the many stunning museums in the city, like the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum, the Vincent van Gogh Museum (and many more).

From May until September there is a summer vibe in the city. With filled terraces under sunshine and cloudless skies, with the people in shorts and summer clothing. This is the time for you to cruise the canals, smell the multicultural Amsterdam spices until late in the evening. So enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Find your way around Amsterdam…
Food and drinks are everywhere!

Amsterdam offers food and drink possibilities in a multitude of ways. Restaurants with international cuisine, great breakfasts, lunches and dinners all over the city. Take your pick! Also, we advise you to try the typical Dutch food like a kroket or a bitterbal. Try it for lunch or try it with your beer in one of the many bars in the city. And how about cheese (kaas)? The Dutch love their cheese since hundreds of years and they are more than happy to let you try the many flavours of their cheese.

And don’t forget to go for coffee (or tea if you like), since Amsterdam is filled with small and cosy places where you can have your coffee (or tea if you like). Strange? Not at all, the Dutch are hooked on their coffee!

Superstars of Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum!

Say “art” out loud in Amsterdam and almost everyone will show you the way to the international renowned Rijksmuseum. It has a gigantic collection of paintings and other art objects, all of it inside (and sometimes outside) the beautiful building, designed by renowned Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. Stained windows, high ceilings, gothic atmospheres, lovely wings and specific pavilions like the Asian pavilion will amaze you during your visit.

The collected art dates from the 16th to the 21th century and houses works from famous Dutch painters like Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer and… Rembrandt. You may call The Rijksmuseum the home of Rembrandt van Rijn, with his masterpiece (must see!) the Nachtwacht (the Night Watch).

The vibrant places of the city!

Wonderful places, old streets and alleyways, souvenir and many other shops, museums, antique and art galleries and points of interests typical for Amsterdam… you will easily run out of time during your visit. May we offer you some suggestions? The Negen Straatjes, the Jordaan, the Pijp, Dam Square, Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein, the Red Light District, Begijnhof, Spui, the Amstel river. Discover the spirit and humour of Amsterdam and her inhabitants. Enjoy a bite, a drink, a conversation and never forget: almost all Dutch people speak and understand more than enough English. So don’t hesitate and go for it.

165 canals!

Amsterdam is the city of canals, 165 canals to be more specific. Not just average canals, but the complete waterways are listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 2010. So this is your ultimate change to discover the canals and the history of old Amsterdam. You can walk along the canals, but there’s a much better, much pleasurable way to look and taste the atmosphere of the city. Amsterdam offers many possibilities for scenic sightseeing cruises. Many places to embark and ride through the city centre. Learn about the fine heritage and enjoy the wonderful sights and buildings, like the royal palace and the Anne Frank House.

The Heineken Experience!

The whole world knows Heineken, the famous beer, made by the brewery of the same name, founded in 1864 in Amsterdam. The brewery is located at the Pijp. The original brewery closed in 1988 and is now a museum called the Heineken Experience. You are very welcome to visit the brewery and learn everything about Heineken beer and about the making of it. And sure, there’s also a small beer tasting lesson waiting for you there. Afterwards you can visit the bar and have a free Heineken beer to complete your personal Experience with Heineken. Cheers!


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